Barry Kent McWilliams is an ordained teaching elder (minister) in the Presbyterian Church in America, and committed to a personal faith in Jesus Christ the Lord, and the Reformed faith as set forth in God's inspired Word: The Bible; and the system of doctrine taught in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.

The following is an abbreviated version of Barry McWilliams' resume.
He is seeking an opportunity to minister in a congregation or Christian ministry. He is interested in opportunities in full time teaching, assistant or associate pastoral work, or in other ministries related to Christian Missions and Education.

If you have a position or ministerial opportunity that fits Barry McWilliams' particular gifts and abilities, and are interested in knowing more about Barry McWilliams than the following short resume contains, please e-mail him with a description of the position, and other pertinent information concerning it, and he will mail a fuller written copy of his Resume, Presbyterian Church in America Ministerial Data Forms, and his References to you,

Be sure to include an address and phone number and the name of the person to contact in your e-mail message.

Because the following includes information about Barry McWilliams and his particular attributes and abilities and is personal information, He requests that you treat it and the information it contains accordingly.

Barry McWilliams' Resume

© 2001 Barry McWilliams
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