Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest (P.C.A.)

Reformed University Fellowships (RUF) in the Pacific Northwest:


  • RedeemerPresbyterian Soldotna, Kenai, AK
    Pastor Jeff Glover Audio Sermons

  • Faith Presbyterian Church Anchorage, Alaska.
    Pastor Jerid Krulish Audio Sermons

  • All Saints Presbyterian Church Boise, Id.
    Pastor Justin Poythress. Asso. Fernando Freitas Audio Sermons

  • Boise Presbyterian Church Boise, Id.
    Pastor Brian Frey Audio Sermons

    Presbyterian Church in America - P.C.A.

    What are "Presbyterians"? The "Presbyterian Church in America"? "Reformed churches" in the USA? The Westminster Confession of Faith?- Wikipedia articles

    The vision of the P.C.A. is to be "faithful to the Scriptures, true to the reformed faith, and obedient to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. The P.C.A. exists to glorify God by extending the kingdom of Jesus Christ over all individual lives through all areas of society and in all nations and cultures. To accomplish this end the PCA aims to fill the world with churches that are continually growing in vital worship, in theological depth, in true fellowship, in assertive evangelism and in deeds of compassion." "Reformed" defines the doctrinal beliefs of the Presbyterian Church in America, which holds that the purest expressions of scriptural doctrine are found in the Calvinistic creeds, particularly the The Westminster Confession of Faith.

    The P.C.A.'s "representative form of church government" is rooted in its name -- "presbyterian". Local churches are governed by elders (presbyters) elected by the church members. These include both pastors and lay leaders. This form of government extends through the regional presbyteries, which facilitate connectionalism, to the national General Assembly, which expresses PCA's connectionalism and the bond of union between/among all the churches. Our Book of Church Order reflects our "Presbyterianism". The Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest is just one of seventy-six PCA presbyteries in the USA and Canada.

    The P.C.A's historic roots go back to the Presbyterian Churches of Scotland and the Covenanters; and includes as well courageous stands for God's Word against the inroads of Liberal theology both in the 1920's and 30's (in the Presbyterian Church (USA)); and in the 1960's and 70's (in the Presbyterian Church in the United States). Though the Presbyterian Church in America had its official beginnings in 1973. The Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod -- which had its roots going back to 1706 (in the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.); and to 1774 (in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America,General Synod). Those two strands of the RPC,ES came together in 1965, when the Evangelical Presbyterians who had left the PCUSA because of the inroads of Liberalism in the 1930's merged with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, General Synod. That merged body was then "joined and were received" into the PCA in 1982. The Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest was a presbytery of the RPC,ES in 1982, made up of churches in Washington State. The Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest's boundaries have grown with the addition of churches in Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. It also included the Western half of Canada for many years until that became the Western Canada Presbytery, PCA in 2006.

    P.C.A. "Official Page" with links to denominational agencies

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