Marianne's Quilts and Quilt Links

I have done more than fifty quilts through the years - log cabins, stairsteps, nine patches, pin wheels, a White on White, a Round the World, , etc (not counting those Quillows) - many of these have gone to friends and my children as gifts, and some of those I kept have worn out in use.

Below are some of my more recent quilts which I have done. Almost all of them were hand quilted of periods of months. To see an enlargement, click on the picture.

I did a couple of Patchwork Mission Trips to Hungary with International Messengers in 2002 and 2004. There I taught classes on making Raggedy Ann Dolls, Teddy Bears, and a Storm at Sea Wall Hanging.

I have also done many Cross Stitch projects, Raggedy Ann's, a few Bears, and recently, I am Crocheting. My dish cloths have been popular items especially. I sold them to raise money for our most recent trip to Hungary.

Here is an introductory
Bedroom Comforters: A Guide to Quilting which covers some of its history and has some useful links.