My wife and I really enjoy working on Jigsaw Puzzles.


Why Jigsaws?

Jigthings has a lot of information about Jigsaw Puzzles on its pages including how they are made and fascinating facts.

Some Puzzle Sellers:

Some Jigsaw Types::

American Jigsaw Puzzle Society
Jigzone - Online Puzzles

Some Puzzle publishers:

Jigsaw Puzzling Accessories Available:
Puzzle Mats: Puzzle Buddy and other roll up mats . . . Portfolio Cases . . . Nesting Boxes and sorting trays . . . Puzzle Glue
Puzzle Frames (which hold the pieces together without glue) for hanging them . . . Storage systems . . . Puzzle Pro - a folding puzzle table . . . Ott Lighting.

History of Jigsaw Puzzles:

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