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Eldrbarry is Barry McWilliams. He has been an ordained teaching elder (minister) first in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod (in which he was ordained in 1975) and in the Presbyterian Church in America since 1982 (when the RPCES became part of the PCA). The nickname "Eldrbarry" originated many years ago when he was introduced to a visiting missionary (who was blind with a seeing eye dog which shared the same name as one of our ruling elders) as "Barry, one of our elders," drawing the response "Elder Barry, like Blueberry or Strawberry?" In Barry's thirty some years of mostly "part-time" ministry (as he has supported his family by employment as a grocery clerk), he has done a great variety of teaching, preaching and storytelling, especially in Vacation Bible School programs. In recent years he has also been involved in teaching and preaching on short term mission trips to Africa. Barry is a graduate of Covenant College and Covenant Theological Seminary.

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