Summer Family Connection 1999
Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church

Staff Needs

"Windy" a. k. a. Barry McWilliams - Curriculum development /Materials and program planning.

The Trail Boss - VBS Administrator - staffing and coordinating the teams, overseeing the program, and handling problems.

Teams - Planning and execution of designated tasks:

Outfitters - Make some decorated bandannas for the children to wear at SFC, perhaps with logo and "branded" with each classes brand. Maybe Iron on T-shirts with the Wanted! Logo and the child's picture?? See Theme Ideas. Registration of Children. Assist with Scripture Memory work.

Fencin’ Crew - removing hazards, mowing, designating parking, setting up tents, preparing the O.K. Corral assembly area with a ranch entrance gate (complete with horns?), seating (hay bales?) and a stage backdrop (frontier storefronts on Panelling?); craft (Indian Tee Pee) and open grassy game areas; Western Decorations - old western stuff!

Drummers - Prepare and distribute brochures and Posters for SFC. Promotion. Aquafest (community) parade promotion perhaps.

Chuckwagon Crew Plan and prepare a Church wide Bar-be-que on Sunday 8/15; and simple, inexpensive meals for the SFC participants each evening Mon-Fri 5:45-6:30.

Hoe-down Crew - Games and activities for everyone at the Sunday Evening Bar-be-que followed by a program of singing (Cowboy Band), skits (Players); and perhaps some old style dancing (with a local caller/ instructor?) for all ages.

Buckaroos - Prepare and lead organized activities (Games and crafts) for children during the Roundup time (6-6:45 PM).

Wranglers (Teachers) and Trail hands (helpers) - Trail Riding time (7:20 - 7:50) - One (or two) teachers and at least two helpers per class to teach the daily lessons.

Circle K’s - Ages 4-5 ------ Lazy J’s - Ages 6-8 ------ Bar X’s - Ages 9-12

Cowboy Band - Prepare 10-15 minute programs of singing and special music each evening 6:45-7:20. Learn some of the old cowboy songs. Perhaps adapt lyrics of traditional Cowboy songs (Git along little doggies, Streets of Larado, etc) to fit VBS themes. Work with "Windy" and the Players doing the Program.

Players - Prepare and present entertaining (and some lesson related) skits, western stunts, and stories during the Cowboy Revue programs each evening. Windy, Shayriff Saul, Dipity John, Davy the Outlaw, Clamity Jean, Darlin’ Clementine.

Littl’ Doggies Team - Nursery Volunteers from 6:45 - 8:00 P.M.

All the Staff are encourage to dress "western" and adopt for themselves a cowboy "moniker" (western nickname) for the week as well as submit a written description of their character for the Cowtown news. Windy could also use some assistance in the preparation of Daily Lesson materials. See him if you are interested in helping. Written materials will be in an old time Newspaper format: The Cowtown News. Wanted! Children after God's Own Heart! SFC 1999: Schedule: