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Cowboy Songs

Our western heritage has left us with quite a few Cowboy songs - and for the most part they are both familiar and are in public domain. The songs have also accumulated quite a few versions. It would be a worthy challenge to create and write our own lyrics to some of these to fit our theme. Of course, some of the songs, we can include just for the fun of it all in our programs.

Here is a list of some of those songs we could work with: The Streets of Laredo, The Red River Valley, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Git along Little Doggies, Shenadoah, Strawberry Roan, Home on the Range, Clementine, . . . the list goes on and on. . .

Yhis is the one we made our theme song, adding a verse every day . . .

Thought you might like this song we wrote. Of course I'm apalled at how few of my kids (and my teachers!) know "Streets of Laredo"...what are they teaching in school these days!!! thanks, bc The Mountains of Judah As I was a walking the mountains of Judah, As I was walking in Judah one day, I spied a great giant, a Philistine giant, His name was Goliath and fear was his game. He was so tall the clouds were his umbrella, He was so scary the people did say, "Goliath is coming, He wants us to fight him, But we have no one to enter the fray. Won't anybody take up the challenge? Isn't there someone who can be that brave? Isn't there someone who'll fight this big bully?" But no one came forward, they all were afraid. "I'll do it!" said David, but everyone snickered, "You're too small, you're too young, Just go back home!" His brothers were laughing and making fun of him, But David refused to let them get him down. King Saul said "Here, David, Please put on my armor," At first David tried it but then he said "No! My God will protect me, my Lord he will shield me," He took his five stones and away he did go. He took his five stones and his trusty old slingshot, Goliath was laughing as he saw David come. David sent the stones flying and God kept His promise, Goliath came crashing, the battle was won! The people went crazy they were all dancing, The people went crazy, they wanted to sing The boy trusted God and the giant was vanquished, The boy trusted God and he would become King ----- Original Message ----- From: "Barry McWilliams" To: "Becky Clark" Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 10:37 AM Subject: Re: wanted..children after God's own heart

Cowboy song resources:

Most public libraries would have resources such as these ... [Dewey Decimal System 784.4]

Of course there are also CD's...

Some popular songs of more recent linage are: Ghost Riders in the Sky, Cool Water, and Tumbling Tumbleweeds. Check out other CD's by The Flying W Wranglers, Riders in the Sky, and the Sons of the Pioneers.

Explore Cowboy Dancin' and Fiddlin' - The traditional steps used in Square, Round and Contra (Reel) dancing - Fun for the adults and kids too! Perhaps a local caller or square dance group could contribute help and expertise for your greenhorns!! Eldrbarry has a brief guide to Traditional Cowboy Dance

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