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Wanted! Children after God's Own Heart!
Interpretive Outline of 1 Samuel 9 - 2 Samuel 5
For Wanted! Teachers

The Stories of David and Saul are found in the Bible in 1 Samuel, Chapters Nine through Thirty-one. Many of David's Psalms have their origin or reference to these events in David's life before he became a King. They are noted in their approximate places in the story. These poetic passages reveal much of David's faith and it's struggles; and teach us much about God's nature and work as well.

The story begins by contrasting Saul and David. Saul is the "man after man's heart," the one chosen by the people, who clearly judged by the outward appearance. David is the "man after God's Heart," chosen by God who looks upon the heart instead. It is striking that me meet him as a child, trusting God, and showing the virtues of God's children.

1. Saul becomes King (1 Samuel 9 - 12)

2. Saul Rejected as King (1 Samuel 13 -15)

3. David Anointed by Samuel (1 Samuel 16)

4. David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17) (Their two responses set the stage for all that follows)

5. Saul's Jealousy and many Plots - David's Escapes------------------- Psalm 7; Psalm 59

6. David's flight from Saul (David, his fears overcoming his faith, despite the deliverance at Ramah, takes matters into his own hands and begins a series of deceptions (20:6, 21:2; 20:13) that only bring sorrow, first with Jonathan (they would not see each other again), then Ahimelech (slain by Doeg) and finally at Gath (where he dishonors himself).

It is only at Adullum as he learns of the massacre at Nob (22:20-23) that he comes to his spiritual senses, and he expresses that in Psalm 34. The lessons he learned: Remain humble! (1-3) Keep Praying! (4-7) Trust God! (8-10) Be honest! (11-14) Be righteous! (15-18) Rest in God! (19-22))

7. David joins the Philistines (David's discouragement bears sad fruits. Again David seems to be acting on his own rather than seeking God's direction. Though the pressure of Saul's pursuit is gone, David is still feeling hopeless and isolated (27:1) so he joins the Philistines - and is forced into a series of deceptions and compromises in order to feed the mouths of his growing army (1 Chron 12:22) (raiding the Amalekites and Egyptians), while covering up his actions (killing off the innocent and claiming he had been raiding Israel). God faithfully gets him out of this mess on the way to fight against his own people, Philistines aren't stupid! But then first the wrath of the Amalekites, and then of his own men (30:4, 6) came down on him at Ziklag. Now at the bottom, he turns again to the Lord (30:6-9). )

8. David becomes King (2 Samuel 1-5) --------------------------------- Psalm 18

. . . . the story continues with David fighting Philistines, planning the temple and falling into terrible sin, and then fighting his own son . . . But that's another story . . .

This outline will help those who are teaching in preparing the lessons, and assist them in studying the Bible Stories.

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