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Wanted! Children after God's Own Heart!

A serial melodrammer in 5 Acts - by eldrbarry

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Act 4: Showdown!!Scene 1: In the Wilderness

Windy: Welcome all you Cowhands back to our play. As you know Davy, the boy who saved Cowtown from the Big Bad Man, was framed by Snake Oil Snidely for a Bank Robbery he didn't do, and Sheriff Saul and his posse have been chasing Davy around in the wilderness. There have been many perilous escapes for our hero. And up to now I have just been the narrator of this tale. To be sure, Davy has been helped some by my advice. He has been brave, and loyal, and trusting, all things God wants in his children. It doesn't seem fair, does it, that Davy is being chased around like an outlaw. He's hiding right now in a cave and . . .

[Davy enters] Davy:That's right! It's not fair. I'm tired of running. It's time Saul and I have a showdown. I haven't done anything wrong.
Windy: Or that while all this is happening a bad person like Snidely is getting away with all sorts of bad things.
[Snidely enters] Snake: And why not? It's the way of this world you know. [Waves the slingshot!] I get what I want by sneak or cheat or steal.
Davy: It was you that framed me! I'll get you . . . [Windy holds him back] I'll pull his mustache out hair by hair!
Windy: Hold on there, son! There's more to this story!
Snake: That's right, the part where I get the girl, the gold, and everything that's coming to me.
Windy: No Snidely, that part comes later. We have a play to do. We need to get back to the story. You are not supposed to be here. Get back to your places, please. [Snake exits cackling]
Davy: So do I get to get even now!
Windy: No, Davy. Paying back or getting even accomplishes nothing. Its time you learned about showing mercy. Why right now Saul and his posse have stopped just out side your cave. Snidely sent them up this canyon.
[Davy looks at Snake, who shrugs. [From off stage: Saul: Whoa! Boys, it's sure hot, let's say we stop and catch some shade.]
[Davy rushes over and looks] Davy: I'm trapped! What if he sees me?
Windy: Quick, Hide back in that dark place. [Davy hides peeking from the wings. Saul enters.]
Saul: This cave is nice and cool - think I'll take off my hat and catch a few winks. [Reclines sitting, hat off] ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz (Snores) [Davy sneaks up to Saul]
Windy: What are you going to do, Davy?
Davy: [Whispers to Windy] Boy, I could get him now, couldn't I?
Windy: But is that the right thing to do? And there's a posse outside! And what would Clementine think!
Davy: But . . .but . . . Oh, I guess you're right! [Flattens Saul's Hat and Goes back to hiding place.]
Windy: Feel better now that you flattened his hat?
Davy: A little, well . . . actually, to tell you the truth, no!
Windy: Shhh!
[Saul awakens, puts on his hat and goes out][From Offstage]
John: Sheriff, what happened to your hat? Looks like you sat on it!
Saul: I don't know! Let's mount up and hit the Trail.
Windy: They are down the valley now, Davy. You can get away now.
Davy: [Goes to entrance of the cave, calls] Hey, Sheriff Saul. What happened to your hat?
Saul: [Offstage] I .. uh .. Is that you Davy, my boy?
Davy: Yep. And it was me that I squashed your hat! I want you to know I'm innocent, and that even through you are out to get me, I am not against you.
Saul: [Offstage] Davy, you are a better man than I. You could have let me have it in that there cave and you didn't. For that I'll let you ride this time. But stay out of Cowtown! You hear! Giddyup boys.

Davy: Hey - that felt good. What did you call that, you know, when you could get even, but don't? Windy: Mercy?
Davy: Yeah! Mercy! Well, I got to ride, thanks! [Davy exits]
[Snidely enters] Snake: That's disgusting! And after I told Saul where he was!
Windy: What?
Snake: I wanted Davy to let him have it. That was my plan! It's what I would have done!
Windy: You don't understand this mercy thing, do you?
Snake: Oh, I understand, allright! You goody goody types are a bunch of weaklings. It's easy to be merciful when you are powerless to do anything else.
Windy: Let me tell you a story about Davy, Snake.
Snake: The name is Snidely.
Windy: No, I call you for what you are and have always been since the garden. Snake.
When Davy was on the run, he stopped by the cabin of an old mountain man who lived up in the lonely hills with his daughter. Nabal, that was his name, and Abbie, that was the girl had laid up a lot of supplies for the winter, far more than they would eat. Now Nabal was just like you, Snake - harsh and evil in his dealings with people. Abbie, she was a lot like Clementine - pretty - but even smarter than Clem. Now a couple of times, Davy had helped them out. Killed a bear once he had seen about to kill Nabal's mule. And another time, he left a mess of mountain strawberries on the cabin porch for them to eat.
But now it was winter. Now Davy, he was mighty hungry and so was his hoss. So he knocked on the cabin door and asked for some grub, if they could spare some, for him and his hoss. Nabal was a setting down to grub and Abbie had fixed a big pot a beans and pork, and had a big slice of ham. And some dried apples pie for dessert. But Nabal just laughed and slammed the door in Davy's face. Called him some names, and said I don't know you from Adam, git before I sic my dog on you.

Snidely: That's my kind of folks, for sure!
Windy: You got that right! And Davy, he was darned mad. Ready to go down there and burn that cabin and take off with the mule. Nabal being so ungrateful and all.
Snake: Yep, that's what I'd do allright! I don't get mad, I get even!

Windy: But Abbie. She knew what Davy wuz probably thinkin that too. She know'd what that Nabal had done was wrong. Davy had helped them and treated them right. So she grabbed what was left of the beans and ham, and the whole pie, she ran out, tied them on the mule, and set off after Davy. She met him, and she pleaded with him. Saying Nabal's just a fool headed mountain man, with not a lick of sense. That Davy should not to pay attention to him. Thanking him for not getting mad and getting even. That the Lord knew he was a better man than that. Leaving his vengeance to the Lord. Even though she know'd he was about to torch that shack and all. And then she showed him the grub she'd bought.

Snake: So, what'd Davy do.
Windy: Why he admitted, rather red faced that he was about get even and torch that cabin for what Nabal had done. And Davy thanked her for reminding him that vengeance belongs to the Lord. But because of her reminder, Davy showed mercy instead of getting even.
Snake: The weakling! I will bet Nabal was happy about that.

Windy: Well, Abbie went back to Nabal and he was sitting there chowing down, when she told him who Davy was, you know the kid that knocked down the Big Bad Man with a slingshot, and how he'd been about to burn that cabin down with Nabal in it. Nabal's heart turned stone cold dead with fear. I took Nabal out of the rest of this story. Davy took Abbie to a nearby town where there was some nice folks who took her in and promise to take care of her. Davy was the one with the power and he chose not to use it. He showed mercy instead!

[Saul enters] Saul: Mercy! For the likes of that no-good sheep-smelling bank-robbin sheriff want-to-be! Since when does he deserve mercy!
Windy: Saul! Saul! Why is your heart so cold. You have been shown mercy. Don't you know you need to show mercy too! Oh, wait, there's more yet to today's story. Let's get on with it! Saul, This is the next time that you and the posse are chasing Davy. That night you were camped and everyone was sleeping. [Saul sits down, hat over eyes.] And Davy walked right into your camp [Davy enters] and took your pistol, right out of your holster. [Davy does so]
Snake: [Hisses to Davy] Davy, this is your chance. Plug em! You have the power in your hand. Use it!
Davy: If I shoot the sheriff - who is the law, it'll just make me a law-breaker and an outlaw no better than you.
Snake: Then give me the pistol and I'll plug em for you.
Windy: What are you going to do, Davy?
Davy: I'll show you. [He steps back. Points the pistol in the air and shoots it.] Some posse, Sheriff!! [Saul wakes up, reaches for his gun, finds it missing, raises his hands.]
Saul: Davy? Is that you in the dark?
Davy: Its me Sheriff. I have done nothing wrong, yet you keep trying to hunt me down.
Saul: Are you going to shoot me?
Snake: The fool! Davy, shoot him! He'd shoot you in a blink! You know it!
Davy: I'm no outlaw! The Lord knows that, and I know that. I could shoot you, Saul, but I won't.
The Lord can be the judge between us. He knows how to show mercy, better than me.
Saul: Maybe I have been wrong, Davy. I'm sorry I tried to harm you. Come back to Cowtown.
Davy: No Sheriff. I don'trust you. I'll be leaving these parts now. I'll leave your shooting iron on the trail. So Long, Sheriff. Say bye to Clementine for me. [Sets the gun down and exits]
[Saul gets up, picks up his gun and exits the other direction.]

Windy: That's the difference between Davy and you, Snake. He knows how to be merciful. He knows mercy is more powerful than revenge.
Snake: Curses, foiled again. Now that the Sheriff's heading back to Cowtown, I guess it's time for Plan three. Firewater and Indians!
Windy: And what's than Snake?
Snake: Wouldn't you like to know? The part where I get the girl, the gold, and everything that's coming to me! Windy: You can count on that Snake. That part is a coming next! [They exit}

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