My King of Kings!

A Vacation Bible School Curriculum by Barry McWilliams
an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America
Using the New International Bible

Graphics Resources for My King of Kings!

Three of the lessons will require graphic aids: pictures, stick puppets or flannelgraph figures, and one requires a puppet. Descriptions of what you will need to make follow and instructions for how they are included in the descrptions of the stories. Old Sunday School materials, materials in your files, illustration in books, etc can be, with a little effort, turned into more than adequate "do it yerself" teaching aids. Perhaps someone in your church has a talent for sketching and can do them. Some pictures can be collages of pictures clipped from magazines, etc. Be creative and you will find that making your own graphic teaching aids will make the story even more your own.

For Lesson One - a pictures in sequence story, you will need the following pictures:
  1. Map of Middle east showing locations of Jerusalem and Babylon, Young boy on left, King Nebuchadnezer on right
  2. Montage of pictures of tasty foods, wine - raw vegetables on back.
  3. Picture of boys refusing to eat fine foods
  4. Montage of pictures of school books, science equipment, etc Horoscope, evolution headlines, etc. on back. Bible
  5. Picture of King Nebuchadnezer on throne examining Daniel.
  6. Nebuchadnezer's nightmare (slumbering king and vision of Stone crushing statue)
  7. Daniel and friends at prayer - guard with sword to side
  8. Picture of King Nebuchadnezer on throne honoring Daniel.
Lesson Two uses Pictures and stick Puppets, as follows: The Pictures (a-d) form a mural from left to right. Place them one at a time during the first part of the story. Visualize the entire scene: the great gilt statue, the plain with all the officials of the kingdom, the great orchestra, the burning furnace, the King on a throne overlooking it all.

(Stick puppets: Flat figures, glued on cardboard with popcycle sticks for handles. hold them in front of the picture background as you tell the story.)

Lesson Four uses a "Cow Puppet" Commerical "cows" are sometimes found in toy stores, however a Cow muppet could easily be made.

Lesson Five uses a Flannelgraph and the following: The flannelgraph board has three "undefined" areas: 1. Upper left - Daniel's chambers;
2. Upper right -King's throne room;
3. Lower center - the lion's den.


  1. Daniel at prayer
  2. Scriptures (Pile of scrolls)
  3. A number "3"
  4. Cloud with question mark
  5. Plotting enemies
  6. King Darius
  7. Window with blue sky
  8. Scroll with edict
  9. Lions
  10. Large Stone with seal
  11. Jesus figure (fits behind stone)
  12. Same Window with moon.
  13. cloud with cross
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