My King of Kings!

A Vacation Bible School Curriculum by Barry McWilliams
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Daniel: A Timeline:


Nebuchadnezer's capture of Judah and the beginnings of the exile took place over a period of 19 years and in three stages. 2 Kings 24:1-25:21;

In 605, after defeating Eygpt at the Battle of Carchemish in Syria, Nebuchadnezer demanded tribute and young men from Jerusalem (Daniel, but had to hasten home to be crowned King on his father's death.

In 597, King Jehoiachin and other hostages (including Ezekiel) were deported to Babylon both to ensure tribute and discourage revolt. A "puppet" was put on Judah's throne.

In 587, Jerusalem was sacked and leveled, the temple destroyed, and most of the remaining population deported and resettled. Jeremiah was present in these final days, and was taken against his will to Eygpt by refugees.


Nabopolassar (626-605)
Nebuchadnezzar (605-562)
Dream #1 c. 604;
Fiery furnace incident c. 599;
Dream #2 & Insanity c. 571-563)

Evil-Merodach (562-560) Nebuchadnezer's son was assassinated by Neriglissar (560-556), Nebuchadnezer's Son-in-law. Labashi-Marduk (556), Neriglissar's son reigned ony 9 months before being overthrown by Nabonidus (556-539), who ruled from Tema, with his son Belshazzar (553-539) as Co-Regent in Babylon under his father. Nabonidus was quite unpopular with the people because he had abandoned Babylon's gods for Sin the moon god.


Cyrus II (The great) (550-530) was one of the great figures of ancient history: brave, enterprising and intellegent. Cyrus of Persia had incorporated Media into his kingdom in 550. He annexed S. Babylonia in 546. In Oct, 539 Gobryas (Darius the Mede), Cyrus' general, defeated Belshazzar at Opis. Most of Babylonia submitted. Belshazzar resisted, beseiged in his citadel at Babylon. In March, 538, Babylon fell.

Darius ruled and appointed governors in Babylon until Cyrus arrived about a year later. He was welcomed as a deliverer. Cyrus' Edict (538) freeing the people to return was foretold in Isaiah 45 200 years earlier. Subsequent Persian monarchs are encountered in Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. Esther was married to Xerxes, who made a disasterous invasion of Greece.


Daniel's prophecies in chapters 2, 7 & 8 predict the rise of Persian, Greece and Rome, as well as the end times. Daniel 11 gives a detailed prophecy of the subsequent history of the fall of Persia to Greece and it's subsequent splintering, focusing on the Ptolomies and Seleucids down to the time of Antiochus Epiphanies. This section is so accurate and detailed, it has led many to deny Daniel's authorship. Daniel 9 predicts Christ's coming.

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