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. . . . May 30th, 2007 . . . .

Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Lord, May 30, 2007

It has been a while since I have written and much has happened; many things to praise the Lord about; and many things to just keep me seeking the Lord and His will always. But, before I go on about all that is happening, I have a prayer request: Tomorrow I go again to the doctor. I've been having some problems again and complaints with the pregnancy again, like with what I have had with Robi (but praise the Lord I have not had to be admitted yet to the hospital)... but I am really concerned about carrying this little one to term; and my body's ability to tolerate it. Pray that the magnezium that I take and the other medicines work, and that I can really get the rest that I need, if I need rest... but that God would keep this baby in till it's due time! Also, pray for wisdom for my doctor! Thanks! I am at 30 weeks now, and need to manage at least 6 more weeks!

In my last letter, I mentioned three major events concerning patchwork.

The first one was on March 24th, and we had 141 ladies meet from three different counties in Hungary to share their love for Patchwork. The greatest joy for me was praying and meeting with Ildi, the main organizer for the event, before the meetings, and just getting closer to her, encouraging her in the Lord. Before this year, Ildi would be there for the teachings, patchwork, ready to help and sew; but would always leave during the messages or testimonies. But, God is faithful in drawing those who He desires, and I believe a real relationship with Jesus has begun. So, the first event went wonderfully, and I was so encouraged by the Lord.

The second event was a trip to Serbia for a quilting retreat. We have both Hungarians and Americans on this trip… and it is amazing to see the Lords work in the ladies through these trips. This year, some ladies came from another town in Hungary to spend the weekend with us and quilt, and we taught ladies from several different towns and villages. We were able to bless them with some new techniques and for some introduced quilting; but most importantly the gospel was clearly presented, and God really encouraged everyone there.

The third event I asked pray for was our patchwork retreat held at the end of April; we had around 70-80 ladies there Friday & Saturday; many came on Friday… and it was a time where we sewed, fellowshipped, and tried to pour out blessings. We had a testimony time from a Hungarian gal from the Calvary Chapel Bible school; and it was really awesome to hear her story. We weren’t sure how to bring in an “outsider-” (a non patchwork or teacher) for testimony time; but the Lord really knew what He wanted to share. These days were not without their trials though. Many were tired by this time, and there seemed to be a missed unity among our small group that was present at the first event… but missing on our big event. Also, missing patterns and just how to lead and manage our smaller Kaposvar group was a cloud over us. Also, several who went to Serbia caught a stomach virus, and just were not feeling good. But, it kept us praying! And the Lord will work out all the other details.

So, one prayer request; on June 27th-July 1st we will have a retreat just for our group. Pray the Lord will really give me the message he wants to share with the ladies… time to prepare and a real time of pouring into just our little group that has given so much over this last year. We have a meeting also on the 2nd of June, and the 16th. Pray for endurance for me. I am honestly really tired, and ready for a break.

Also we have had a reunion/retreat in May over “The Contagious Faith” series. It was a great time to worship, fellowship, refocus and teaching about how to share Jesus using your gifts and skills. We were 13 of us total, and it was just so great to be with many of the campers and translators that I met 7 years ago!

I have also spent time with my mother-in-law, helping her get to doctor appointments for a week, and in between each event trying to keep food cooked, house cleaned, and some normality to life. Robi is growing so fast, and keeps me running. His language learning, and potty training are also on the rise, and wanting to have him potty trained before the baby comes, and preschool. With our second child, I am now into the third trimester, and the baby is active, and I am growing. It has been hard at times with the heat and the constant changes in weather, and storms, but we are okay. Please pray as I still have 2, 2 1/2 months to carry this one to term! And it will probably be a very hot summer!

Bruno is working at the tile store still; but he has also taken on several side jobs of installing shower cabinets after work. The Lord has been faithful in providing for us, and although sometimes my faith seems so small… and my heart so anxious at times… He is faithful! I hope and pray that you have experienced His love and faithfulness as well!

So, what’s ahead? I’ll continue translating Sunday mornings at Calvary chapel, I’ll continue with patchwork until the Lord directs me in another direction, I’ll continue to seek to serve in the churches, and help with the English Kids Camp in July if I am able. But, in the mean time I really want to slow down, care for my family, and just work on maintaining the relationships that I have, and get ready for the new addition to our family.

So, right now, we thank you for your prayers, your financial support, and just thinking of us. You can call 425-367-4829 and reach me. If you are in the great Pacific Northwest, then I am 9 hours ahead of you! I’d love to hear from you.

Prayer Requests:

May God bless you and keep you!

In His Grace,
Sarah, Bruno, Robi & (Benjamin???)

************************ Birth Announcement ************************

Benjamin Dávid Balogh was born on Friday, August 3rd, 2007 at 7:55 PM Central European Time.

He was 6.44 lbs, and 19.4 Inches.
Sarah and Benji are doing fine! And Robi is pleased with his brother!



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