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Sarah and Bruno Balogh

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. . . . September 12, 2006 . . . .

Dear Praying Partners for Jesus,

I have many praises to report to you about camp! God answered prayers and went above and beyond what we imagined.

The several months before camp preparation were very difficult. At first it was a need for a team, then it was the need for campers! Then, it was the need for campers who could stay for the entire camp. During these months, I was on my knees constantly; and felt led to make handouts. Barb & I went out, and delivered over 600 fliers, spoke to several kids; and I realized that in my neighborhood I have several students who are learning English, but because of certain reasons were unable to come to camp. So from the Fall I will start an English club once or twice a week, if the Lord wills. Although none came, it was a great door opener, for future camps and relationships.

We had 13 campers come, for a total of 23 people in a dorm that could hold 60. It was a small group, but once we were there, everyone bonded and really accepted everyone. The location was wonderful, trips to the thermal baths, forest, and town. There were no major problems throughout the camp~ which was a blessing for my first camp as a “leader”. At this small camp, four kids accepted Christ for the first time, several of them want to attend our weekly Bible studies and a couple who indicated they want to join a church and have more fellowship. One girl wrote that she has taken the first steps towards Christ. Others, who were already believes were challenged to take their faith more seriously and really minister to other kids/campers as well. One of the staff mentioned that this camp was so amazing, because the Spirit was working, and it seemed like as a camp we were acting as the body of Christ. I so grateful for the translators and staff, and for all their work and service and time they spent at camp.

God also took care of Robi. Bruno was at camp till Sunday morning, and then my mother-in-law watched Robi in Kaposvar till camp was over. He was fine at home, happy, healthy, and a joy to have around for my mother-in-law. I didn’t need to worry about the home front while I was serving at camp! Praise the Lord for His goodness!

It has been a while since checking in. Robert & I went to the States for my brother's wedding in July/August. It was nice spending time with my parents in Everett, Wa. and God gave us all a safe trip to San Jose, California, for Brianne and Paul's ceremony in which Robi served as the Ringbearer. He had a tux just his size. God gave provided for all of our flights. They weren’t without complications, but I trust that God worked out many things for our own good when we missed the flight in New York and detoured through France. We had an entire row to ourselves, and were escorted through security and to the gate to make the flight! The time at home with grandparents and family was wonderful, but being back in Kaposvar is also wonderful.

Now that I am back, I look forward to starting up the Bible studies, establishing correspondence studies for the campers who are further away, and also starting up the English course in my neighborhood. I also plan on learning the ropes of children’s ministry, and helping out in the nursery and with translation on Sundays in church. A local play-house has offered their location to start an English play group for 2-3 year olds on Friday mornings, so we can start to reach to more families with young children. I will also continue to lead the patchwork ministry here in Kaposvar, and with Bruno twice a month we’ll attend a house group among the gypsies with the Methodist pastor.

Thank you for praying, and thank you for supporting us! Thank you for remembering God’s work here in Kaposvar! He is working and He is behind this ministry. Pray that I will be faithful in all that I do, and trust Him more! Next up is Staff conference in Poland from the 15th-18th of September. Pray for Bruno & I as we have some more time alone to catch up and be together. Pray for God to direct and use this time for His Glory!

God Bless, Sarah Balogh & Family

P.S. See my blog concerning an attempt to steal our car on September 28th, and our prayer needs concerning it.

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Thank You for praying! May God Bless you SO richly through His ministry!

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