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. . . . April 25, 2006 . . . .

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Baloghs! Right now we are in the midst of a very busy time with much happening. This year, as you know I am the leader of the patchwork group. We just had our big spring patchwork retreat. A team of three ladies, plus Ron & Verna came to share their lives and patchwork with the ladies here in Kaposvar, and I was organizing the who, what, when, where and getting copies, and making sure everything was on time and running smooth. I praise God for the weekend, and for His strength and wisdom that He gave me. At the beginning I felt fear, anxiety and real insecurity. I left that behind, trusting God to do the work for me and in me, and he took away my fears. It was awesome to see Him taking care of the team and us, and proved trustworthy. The first day we had around 80 people, the second day around 70 ladies came.

Robi is now 1 ˝ years old. He is running, unpacking everything, and full of wonderful energy. He keeps me on my toes. He has his own stubbornness that is coming out, and we are at God’s grace for wisdom. He isn’t really talking yet, but what he does say it seems to be Hungarian. God was really gracious and provided my mother in law to watch Robi during the patchwork weekend. I didn’t have to follow after him, or worry about him, and I could just focus on the team, the retreat and the exhibition that we set up, and the ladies. I am finding that now that he’s mobil, he is harder to bring along in the ministry… so please pray for wisdom for me to know what to accept and what to pass along.

Yesterday the team & I went to the hospital to donate blankets given to premature babies and their moms. The Hungarian patchwork ladies have prepared 10 and given away ten blankets to these precious little ones. Yesterday we gave four blankets away, three of them were in really poor and difficult situations, & I pray we are a blessing to them. Pray that we can continue this ministry and still make more and more blankets

Tomorrow Robi & I leave for Serbia. We are driving three Hungarian patchwork ladies for a weekend Retreat in Serbia. I hope to help with translating, and with the projects, and to refresh the relationships that I have built. Please pray for me & Robi, that I balance both Mom and helper well… and that I’ll have patients for Robi. Also, Pray that God is glorified through this ministry, and that others can see Jesus in us.

In the past during meetings, programs, and camps, I can be overwhelmed and scatter-brained at times. This time I trusted in God to do the leading, and I wasn’t as scatter-brained and I am able to help make more decisions, and am growing in my ability to lead. I am getting ready for a camp in July 3-19 (team dates)… and am really trusting God with the big things right now. We have the location, but we only have one team member so far! So would you pray about joining the team to come to an English camp? Also, another huge prayer request, my mother has been planning to come to watch Robi during the camp. This would free me up to work with the team, the location, and build relationships with the campers! But yesterday as they were looking into tickets and they were around $1400.00. Due to recent developments, it looks like there will be a wedding in my family in August, and it makes the trip harder for them to afford. Would you consider supporting her financially as she comes? As she is here, she will be ministering to me and Robi, as I minister to others. If you are able to donate, would you please send your donation to “Marianne McWilliams, 1609 Lombard Ave., Everett, WA. 98201.”

Well, other news from previous letters. I passed my exam for the Hungarian citizenship, and went to apply to find out I don’t have the appropriate permit to apply for the citizenship. So, I began the process for the right permission form and this has caused more paperwork, time, forms ext to be collected. I am still in the process, and am honestly frustrated and discouraged over the matter. But, I’ll press forward an try to get all the needed forms. I’ll be doing some of that today, in the middle of getting ready for Serbia, and getting Bruno set up for a few days at home.

In the recent months we have been to conference in Slovakia, encouraged Judit in Ujfeherto who had just lost her husband Tibor after a year of fighting cancer, with Mary Kay Rassmusson & Linda Anderson (I.M. co-workers; who are also widows). God allowed me to encourage, and translate for them… and to just love on this family for a couple days. We’ve had opportunities to meet many new people and moms, and with one other lady started a bi-langual play group, which due to sickness Robi & I haven’t been able to attend faithfully. Robi is still fighting a cough at night, but he doesn’t have his really bad cold, and fever these days. We are still attending and sometimes hosting the Saturday night Bible study with Barb and the campers, and also hosting the Calvary Chapel bible study on Wednesdays. Much is happening. Thank you so much for praying. Thank you so much for supporting us. We know these days aren’t easy, and I am waiting to see God to great things here in Kaposvar and in Hungary. I also pray for you that as you read this, you’ll be blessed in knowing that God is working and He is faithful… and for that He is SO worthy of our praise!

I’d love to hear from you as well, and what God is doing in your life. So please feel free to write.

Prayer Requests

In Christ,

Prayer Wrap up: Tibor, Ica, Judit and Julia, the patchwork ministry, citizenship exam, camp preparation, Bruno and I and our family and our witness! And also for Barb and I as we work together! Thanks!!!

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Thank You for praying! May God Bless you SO richly through His ministry!

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