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Sarah and Bruno Balogh

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. . . . February 2006 . . . .

Dear Friends,

We are in the month of February. Much time has gone by since I last wrote and God is working. We are back in Hungary and are fairly settled in. We were welcomed back by friends and family. Getting adjusted took a full two weeks this time, and we are now into the right time zone. The letter below is full of prayer requests and small info. Please be on your knees with us as you are crucial part of this ministry and are appreciated!

I have a prayer request, it is at the beginning because of its importance to me. Tibor, one of my co-workers in Ujfeherto, Hungary is very ill with cancer. The doctors discontinued treatments because the chemo therapy wasn't working anymore. He has an amazing faith, he and his wife are sure that God will heal. But, meanwhile he is miserable and in tremendous pain. Please pray for God to heal and work, and to help them through this time. Many lives have been touched through their lives and they have had a huge impact on my life. Please lift up Tibor and Judit Safrany and their four young kids in prayer.

Other news is with the patchwork group. We have been able to move forward with the plan of sewing baby blankets during our bi-weekly meetings. It is a huge blessing to get to know these ladies more; work with them closer, and to help in leading and encouraging them. We have two blankets completely finished, and we have several more in the works. Bruno's co-worker's wife had a little baby at 29 weeks. This next week we'll distribute the blankets that are done. Please pray with me and how to further set up this ministry. We have a Patchwork retreat weekend in the works for April 20and 21, and following, we are going with a group to Csantever, Serbia. Then shortly after that Ron and Verna Sutton and Maralee Logan will go to Romania for patchwork. But, before that we are setting up a Exhibition at the school here in Kaposvar. One of them members of the group is a teacher and arranged for this opportunity. Pray for others to be interested in patchwork; and possibly coming for the weekend. The goal is still to Glorify God and share Gods love. Each meeting I've prepared a small encouragement. The first week is that we give everything for God to use, and the second week about how much we have received and to give in return freely. To HIM be the glory!

Please pray for Ica. She is a friends mom, and is in a lot of pain. Her back and knees are really bothering her. She is going for surgery on the 15th of this month for a knee replacement and she still hasn't recovered very well from the first knee surgery. She has really embraced Barb, Robert and I, and we are a big encouragement to her (I hope). She most of all needs Jesus. She has heard the gospel and doesn't not believe, but she struggles with the actual "trusting" in God. Her daughter Kati attends the Bible school in Toalmas, and will soon be going to serve in Serbia with Word of Life. I believe that Ica would attend church, but her husband won't allow it. Pray for hearts to be changed and for me to be faithful to share the word of God and the love of God, and be able to encourage.

Some praise reports! In previous letters I have mentioned Gee and Norbi. Two young guys who have accepted Christ within the past couple years. After camp this summer, both of them started attending Calvary Chapel and now both of them are in the praise band playing the guitar! I rejoice and praise God for these two young men who are serious about their faith and want to serve God. I am also thankful, because the praise band practices give them time with Jeremy, an associate pastor from the states and so it is a discipleship time as well!

One more relationship that God is working on is between my friend Judit and I. She is 30 years, and we were together in the hospital in October 2003. She has a little girl one year older than Robi, and we get together a couple times each week to bring the kids together, play, have coffee and talk. She has always been open to talk about Spiritual things, but God has given more opportunities for us to talk. We hope to go through a Bible study together on marriage, and that should help me to be more specific with what the Bible teaches and to tell her what I believe. Pray for her salvation, and for communication to go easier. Sometimes is still hard to for me to be understood by her, and for me to understand her as well.

Oh, one more thing. On March 3rd, I'm taking the exam to become a Hungarian citizen. As of January 1st, 2006 a new "exception" law came into act and I can apply! Since I am married 3 years and we have a child, and I don't have to wait out 5-8 years! I'll have 78 pages to learn by in a month, and will need to focus, and with Robi it may be hard… but I trust God to help me. I'll keep you posted! I'm also going through this exam with another friend Susan, who is South African. Pray that I can also be clear in my witness to her, and that we could grow as we study together!

Each day we are involved with people, and we can make a difference here. Pray for Bruno and I to be faithful to God in what he calls. Pray for us to remember to make time for each other, and for our family. Pray for those who we are in contact with to see Christ as we try to live for Him.

God Bless you, and Thanks for praying!

Sarah, Bruno and Robert Balogh

Oh, another note of praise! We have a team for our summer camp (well, a church from Georgia and also some previous team members!). Pray as we work on this camp for God to work out all the details!

Prayer Wrap up: Tibor, Ica, Judit and Julia, the patchwork ministry, citizenship exam, camp preparation, Bruno and I and our family and our witness! And also for Barb and I as we work together! Thanks!!!

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Thank You for praying! May God Bless you SO richly through His ministry!

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