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Sarah and Bruno Balogh

Missionaries in Hungary

International Messengers

. . . . March 9th, 2005 . . . .

Dear Partners in the Ministry and Friends in Christ,

Greetings from a snowy country; where it just keeps coming after it melts away.

In February I spent 7 days with my in-laws. I went up to Budapest with Barb and a mom to encourage a student at Bible school for her birthday; and returned with Verna Sutton and her niece... well, at least we brought their luggage. The purpose of my trip was somewhat unknown when I set out. I had hopes to go into Budapest and encourage those who were at school... but God had different plans. We got snowed in at Mende. The weather was terrible all week. But, I was encouraged by a verse from Isaiah: "like the snow falls from heaven and does not return without nourishing and blessing the earth. .. so is my Word that goes out from my mouth; it will not return to me empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it" (Isaiah 55:10-11). I wrote this on Nov. 8, 2001 for a Bible study. I found it in a book on communication and our words. God had a purpose for me to go, and I was encouraged once again that God will bring fruit from His words. I brought Robi to bring joy to grandma, to get some "rest" and catch up on writing, reading, and some quilting projects. God also used the time to bring his sister and his mom closer to him. I prayed with his mom for more faith and to trust in God. I challenged his sister to trust God and to depend on Him alone... not money or friends... because they will be a big disappointment. At the time, his sister Kati was at home and jobless, and the relationship with Kati and her mom was at its very end. My mother in law was at her "wits end" and was very angry and discouraged. By the end, the communication tables where open more, and the prayer was for peace, love and forgiveness to happen. Also, for Kati to get a job. Kati is now working... and my prayer is that God used that time to bring two people closer to fully giving their hearts to Jesus.

Since returning home, there have been Bible studies (at Barbs and with Calvary Chapel), gatherings for our students at Verna's, a trip out to Iharosbereny, and several other opportunites to serve with Hospitality. A couple weeks ago we were able to encourage 5 different families at Iharosbereny (60 km away) and Robi did great. Robert is now four and a half months old. He seems to be very bright and strong. He can grab things from the table, almost sit up, roll over (He Just did for what I can be sure is the First Time by himself!!!) THE JOYS OF PARENTHOOD! He has a bright smile and calmness about him. He loves groups... and new people. What a blessing. What an awesome task that is before us to raise this little one.

I have had several opportunities for serving. I have had several one on one times with students who are home on break. Please be praying for Panka. She is in her 5th year of law school and has several state exams in the very near future. She is very stressed out, and doesn't like it. She has struggled for 5 long years, and she could use our prayers so she'd have joy during this time.

We have also served out among the gypsies, and brought encouragement to many. Robert seems to have many "grandma's" and people who love him bunches. Small children seem a universal "door opener." By bringing him to them, I have a greater opportunity to encourage and give love and joy to others.

During the time that Ron & Verna Sutton are here, I'll have opportunities to be involved again with Patchwork. I'd appreciate prayer for wisdom if I am to be involved in Serbia March (19-21). I'd appreciate prayer for where God wants me, strength in being there, and the ability to manage my family and work life that would bring Glory to God. I ask you, from my heart to pray earnestly about this balance. I find a battle inside trying to prove my value as a partner in ministry, and also a new mom and a wife.

Here in Hungary there is lots going on. We are planning for camps this summer with Kata... and are in need of a team. I would love it if you came to serve along side of us and minister to the youth of Hungary. The dates are July 5-19, 2005. If you are interested, please contact me or the office. (It would be a great chance to meet Robert J).

Regarding my trip in April; at this time, I am not coming home. I am planning on coming home in October with Bruno & Robert. We'll be in the U.S. for three months. During this time, we hope to travel to churches, and visit those along the Colorado, Minnesota, and Iowa line. So, if we can stop and meet up, please write us and let us know. We'd love to share with you personally what God is doing here in Kaposvar.

Some great things have been happening. A huge part of I.M's mission is to build up the local church. For the past four years, I have felt torn between several churches as you know, and not sure how to build up. We have now settled on Calvary Chapel and what a difference in our lives! We are currently hosting a Wednesday night Bible study at our house (the pastor is leading from the Old Testament), I am working on womens' ministry, we have prayer meetings; and in April we will have a womens' conference. This Sunday we are having a game night at our house to try to get to know the other members.

We are trying to encourage those from Pecsi Utca (the Gypsy neighborhood in Kaposvár) to come to the church. Right now that part of our ministry is really in question. Zoli (the Methodist pastor, who has been working with us in this ministry) has decided to drop that ministry due to his work overload, and that his church won't accept them, and he's not supported in that work. One of the families in whose house we were meeting said because of a new son-in-law (who seems very violent and anti-Christian) is now there, it's not safe. However, the mom (Zsuzsa) and daughter in law (Magdi) are still interested in things of God; and the plan is to meet at another house, Aranka's, who is also interested in God and the things of the Bible also … but they work odd hours and we aren't sure we will be able to meet there. Pray for them to come to church. At Calvary they would be accepted and welcomed.

Prayer Requests:

Thank You so much for your prayers, and your giving. There are still great opportunities to partner in our work. Your prayers are so valuable... and we wouldn't be here without them.

Praise be to the LIVING God.

Some recent pictures of Robert are online at: http://www.eldrbarry.net/im/sarah/robert2.htm and some more older pictures are there as well! If you are on the internet; occassionally check the web site for updates on pictures! He is changing and growing so much, feel free to keep up on his growth!

Sarah, Bruno & Robert Balogh

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Thank You for praying! May God Bless you SO richly through His ministry!

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